“Someday I would love to live in Portland. . .

...The smell of baked goods floats out on the street. Portland, Maine ( the superior of the two Portlands ) is also home to the best donuts I have ever eaten. The donuts are made out of Maine potatoes ( pomegranate, local blueberry, and lemon are my favorite ) . But enough about that. “Let’s just talk about the fact that Portland is in Maine. Seriously, have you been there?

If not, you’re missing out. Lighthouses, lobster, blueberries for days, lobster, cool weather in the summer, lobster, killer sunsets and also lobster. And don’t get me started on the beaches. You’ll never get me to stop. “Crashing waves, salty sea spray and pearly white sand. What’s not to love about Maine? Still not convinced ? Well, did I mention the lobster ? Maine is full of awe - inspiring landscapes and natural wonders, wildlife and mouth - watering foods. And Stephen King was born in Portland. I think we’re done here.”

Andreana Lee, Briarcliff Middle School, 6th Grade, Mountain Lakes, NJ

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