2013 Tree Frogs Wooden Swing Set Factory Catalog

6.4 bengal FORT CONFIG 2 w/tarp

The Bengal Fort is fully modular. All the components can be moved around the structure in virtually any combination you want because the fort itself is 5’x5’. This allows a lot of flexibility for the yards that are challenged with trees or landscaping restrictions.

Foot Print: 19’ wide x 24’ long Platform Height: 76” Platform Size: 25 Sq. Ft. Swingbeam Height: 10 Ft. SYSTEM SPECIFICATION

6.4 BENGAL FORT SHOWN WITH... Tarp Roof Rockwall w/Rope Picnic Table 2 Belt Swings 5 Safety Handles

DoubleWall Scoop Slide Wooden Entry Ladder Trapeze w/Rings 3 Pos. Swingbeam Rope w/Disk 4 Ladder Handles Binoculars

Slide Length: 11 Ft. Overall Height: 13 Ft.

19 inch Ship’s Wheel


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