2013 Tree Frogs Wooden Swing Set Factory Catalog

6.4 TEXAN Playcenter CONFIG 5 w/wood roofs

Whether your kids prefer sliding, spinning, monkey bars, climbing or swinging, the Texan Playcenter Playcenter gives you options and configurations that will keep your kids engaged in play and having fun. can provide it all! The Texan

DoubleWall Scoop Slide Wood Step/Chain Combo Ladder Rope Ladder Standard Tire Swing 6.4 TEXAN PLAYCENTER SHOWN WITH... Wood Roof w/Fans Rockwall w/Rope Trapeze w/Rings 3 Pos. Swingbeam Rope w/Disk Loft w/Wood Roof & Bubble 4 Safety Handles 19 inch Ship’s Wheel 2 Belt Swings Monkey Bars Dlx. Spiral Slide 6 Ladder Handles Binoculars

Foot Print: 14’ wide x 26’ long Platform Height: 76” & 84” Platform Size: 25 & 16 Sq. Ft. Swingbeam Height: 10 Ft. SYSTEM SPECIFICATION

Slide Length: 11 Ft. Overall Height: 13 Ft.

Install your swing set on a resilient surface and allow 6 ft. play area around the play set for safety. Tree Frogs reserves the right to make modifications or changes to the product. 41

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