2013 Tree Frogs Wooden Swing Set Factory Catalog


We have fastener free decking to ensure your child’s fun time stays fun. All deck

Tree Frog Timbers (4x6 and 4x4) are true grade, full size dimensions. Foot per foot, you get more (larger dimension) lumber than many play systems companies. We round the edges, eliminating all sharp edges and then sand twice to make smooth & safe for a child’s touch.

screws (NO NAILS!) are fastened underneath the deck so your child never comes in contact with a fastener when crawling on the deck. *available on most units*

Tree Frogs countersinks all main thru bolt construction

joint hardware, including lag bolting. In addition, all bolt ends are capped with acorn nuts to eliminate any chance of contact with a sharp bolt end.

All Lumber is watersealed with a custom formulated, top quality water based, child friendly stain. Our 2 step process ensures drill holes & all surfaces get an adequate coating.

With natural, sustainable

Cedar and Redwood, our swing sets are constructed to be the most attractive and stylish designs that complement your backyard .

Wood on wood, solid notched gusset construction provides

superior structural strength to your child’s play ground. Add-in thru bolt secure fastening ensure strong wood on wood joints for years of hard, fun play.

Adjustable A-Frame legs with dual, heavy gauge metal brackets, permit placement in nearly any un-level yard. This insures a level swingbeam for correct/ safe swing motion.



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