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DECORATELIKEAPRO Overwhelmed by the idea of completely redecorating a room? According to the pros, following a step-by- step process can turn a big job into an enjoyable one while also helping to create a cohesive space. The best place to start is with a project budget. Decide how much you want to spend and what you want to spend it on such as paint, flooring, furniture and so on. Then choose a style or mix a couple together. Do you like farmhouse? Industrial?

How about farmhouse industrial? Other styles to consider are traditional, bohemian, modern and minimalistic to name a few. Once you’ve determined the look you’d like to achieve, select paint colours and large items such as couches, tables or beds. If you already own furniture in good condition, see if you can

reposition or reupholster before buying new. The last step – and the most fun – is accessorizing. Accessories are what add true personality to a space. Artwork, vases, rugs, throw pillows –

surround yourself with items you love and you’ll create a winning space every time.

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