Courtesy of Betty Hillier

Volume 9 Number 9

Organic Furniture

The eco-friendly movement has taken up residence on your couch, with many furniture companies now offering items with an “organic” label. But what exactly makes furniture organic? It’s all about the materials used to make a piece. This means no synthetic fabrics, vinyl or formaldehyde. Instead, designers may use soybean fiber, untreated cotton and reclaimed or natural materials such as bamboo and sustainable wood. The products used to finish a piece of furniture must be free of toxic glues and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Some companies even go an extra step and use fasteners instead of glue so a table or chair can later be disassembled and its parts reused. Furthermore, the manufacturing process needs to be conducted in an environmentally friendly manner. If you plan to include organic furniture in your next redesign, make sure you budget for it. The prices may be higher, but so will the quality and green factor.

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