Imprivata Customer Welcome Kit - New Customer for Imprivata PatientSecure

Staying Connected with Imprivata Our mission is to provide your organization with key tools for success as you continue your journey with Imprivata. These tools are specifically designed to offer helpful tips and best practices that can immediately be applied back to your organization, broaden your overall knowledge of Imprivata solutions and allow for networking with fellow industry peers.

Outlined below are a few examples of the types of tools we offer to our customers:

Imprivata Webinar Series Imprivata will deliver a series of webinars throughout the year designed to provide customers who have installed an Imprivata product with detailed information on key features and functionality as well as best practices to ensure overall success. Imprivata values the input and feedback provided by our customers. Click here if you would like to submit webinar topic ideas or sign up to receive email communication about the Imprivata webinar series. Imprivata Customer Newsletter A newsletter will be distributed on a quarterly basis featuring content that connects with your organization. Key industry trends facing your organization today and in the future, customer success stories, Imprivata product news and thought leadership are just a few of the topic areas to be featured. The newsletter is targeted towards three key audiences within your organization, with tailored content to meet each of their specific business needs:

C-suite | System administrators | Clinicians

Click here if you would like to submit newsletter topic ideas or if you or any of your colleagues are interested in receiving these tailored customer newsletters.

Imprivata Regional User Groups A series of regional user groups will take place throughout the year that will bring together local healthcare customers and their Imprivata community. The goal for these user groups is to provide our customers with an environment for educational and networking opportunities on an intimate level and ensure that our customers maximize the value of the product investments they have made with Imprivata. Click here if you or any of your colleagues are interested in receiving email communication about these regional user groups.

Staying Connected with Imprivata


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