Customer Loyalty Newsletter - January 2018

Customer Loyalty | January 2018 | ISSUE 16


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accomplishes this through interactive sessions that put employees in challenging customer interface roles so they can experience what happens when we fail in our ASE effort. This course is designed to help all employees improve both internal and external customer interactions. If you are at a branch location, WTI will be bringing the training to your location. If you reside in Albuquerque or Aurora, you will need to sign up for a class session by enrolling in the WTI Learning Cloud. Please confer with your manager to see how he/she would like you to proceed with enrolling. For instructions on how to locate this or any other WTI class in the Cloud please click on the following link: http://intranet/WTI/WTI%20Documents/Locating%20WTI%20classes%20in%20the%20Cloud.pdf To enroll in an Aurora or Albuquerque session via the WTI Learning Cloud, please click on the following link: GOLvwsI711wwcePCUg%3D%3D

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