Coptic Bohairic Introductory Course

Lesson 10

10.1 Declension of prepositions: 10.1.1 Form : A pronominal object of a preposition is expressed by a suffixed form of the personal pronoun. The preposition itself assumes a prenominal form which must be learned with each preposition. For example the preposition ' e- ' become ' e ro= ' before pronominal suffixes. The symbol ' = ' is a convention used in Coptic grammers to indicate any form of the word to which a pronominal suffix is to be attached. 10.1.2 Examples: The following are the most common prepositions used in Coptic: e - , e ro= to, against nem , nema= with eybe , eyb/t= for, concerning n ca , n cw= behind, against e jen , e jw= on, upon oube , oub/= against n - , m mo= D.O. sa , saro= to, toward n - , n = to, for qen , n q/t= in nahren , nahra= before, in front of hijen , hijw= upon, on Illustrated examples: s-1-mf m moi me e roi to me n/i for me s-2-m m mok you (m) e rok to you (m) nak for you (m) s-2-f m mo you (f) e ro to you (f) ne for you (f) s-3-m m mof him e rof to him naf for him s-3-f m moc her e roc to her nac for her p-1-mf m mon us e ron to us nan for us p-2-mf m mwten you (pl) e rwten to you (pl) nwten for you (pl) p-3-mf m mwou them e rwou to them nwou for them


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