Coptic Bohairic Introductory Course

Lesson 11

Fundamentals of Bohairic Coptic

Note: The position of the Direct or the Indirect Object depends in many cases on the degree of emphasis accorded to each. 11.2 The Negative Construction of the Verbal Sentences: 11.2.1 Bipartite Tenses: These tenses are negated in a similar way to the negation of the nominal sentense, i.e. the introduction of the particle ' an ' after the conjugated verb with an occasional preceding ' n- ' . An example of the negative First Present tense is as follows: n. ].em p sa an I am not worthy 11.2.2 Tripartite Tenses: Thes tenses are negated using a distinct verbal prefix plus the nominal or pronominal subject in the same way that the affirmative tenses are conjugated. An example of the negative First Perfect tense is as follows: Person Singular Plural 1-mf m pi.mosi I didn't walk m pen.mosi we didn't walk 2-m m pek.mosi you (m) didn't walk m peten.mosi you (pl) didn't walk 2-f m pe.mosi you (f) didn't walk same 3-m m pef.mosi he didn't walk m pou.mosi they didn't walk 3-f m pec.mosi she didn't walk same

11.3 Vocabulary 11 kwt n -( m mo=) vb

to build

vb. to seek, inquire

sini n ca


to see

jimi n -( m mo=) vb. to find

nau e -


sound, voice

vb. to give to

c m/

] e -

vb. vb.

to hear, listen to

-- n -( m mo=) vb. to give to

cwtem e -

to obey

vb. to sell

-- n -(na=)

-- m mo=

e bol


to obey

vb. to give to vb. to fight

-- n ca

-- n -(na=)


garment, tunic to visit, greet

-- oube

s y/n


vb. to take, receive

sini e -

[i n -( m mo=)

11.4 Exercises 11: Translate the following into English:

A 1.

6. a.f.sini e rof qen tef.ri

a.f.] n/i n ou. s y/n


7. a.f.[i n.

a.i.] naf m .pa.joi e bol


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