The final part of the survey focused on the preferences of e-government services , separately from the online services of citizens , and then the online municipality administration . For each of the services offered, respondents were able to express themselves on a Likert scale (1-5) from the most important (1) to the least important (5). The following areas have been identified in the context of citizen services :  Handling administrative fees online 0 Fees for dogs, fishing licenses, national identity cards, driver’s license, passports, requisitions, etc.  Construction procedure online 0 the process from the submission of applications to the individual author- ities concerned to the actual acquisition of a building permit  legislation online 0 Full text of valid laws, decrees and other relevant legislation available free of charge (not paid versions – see e.g. ASPI system or  funeral services 0 selection, settlement, payment of the grave site, fees from grave sites  personal mobility 0 vehicles available to citizens without their own  library 0 a selection of titles, fees  digital electronic identity (online authentication and authorization) 0 verification of documents stored in data files, online verification of con- tracts, proof of diploma, professional cards, etc.; connection of the village to the NIA  views and extracts from the basic registers of public administration 0 register of persons, register of rights and obligations, register of inhabit- ants, register of territorial identification, addresses and property; infor- mation system of basic registers.  views and extracts from public registers 0 e.g. the federal register, the register of foundations, the register of associ- ations of unit owners  views and extracts from the public administration information systems 0 e.g. cadastral map of properties; vehicle register; trade register; a copy of a criminal record; a record of the driver’s demerit points; extract from the register of unreliable payers; extract from the insolvency regis- ter, etc.  citizens’ social assistance online 0 the possibility of online medical assistance; providing catering for immo- bile citizens; active online help in critical situations, etc.  granting permission online


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