Relatedtothe informationavailableonthemunicipality’swebsite, thegreatest interest is in basic information from the office (e.g. price lists of administrative fees for dogs, grave sites, or occupations of public space) and information on energy and transport :

84% to obtain information about the office 81% to obtain current information about an area (water, electricity) 80% to download pre-printed forms

79% to obtain information about transport in the municipality and its surroundings 73% to obtain information about associations in the village, invitations to events 65% to obtain information about the self-governance of the municipality 61% to obtain up-to-date information on air quality The final part of the survey focused on the preferences of e-government services for the Internet population . For each of the services offered, respondents were able to express themselves on a Likert scale (1-5) from the 0 processing or renewal of identity card, passport, driver’s license, profes- sional licenses, duplicates of personal documents  digital electronic identity 0 verification of documents stored in online data files – verification of con- tracts, proof of diploma, etc.  funeral services online 0 online death certificate; selection, settlement, payment of the grave site; fees from grave sites  notification of marriage or registered partnerships to public administra- tion registers  pensions online 0 handling old-age/invalidity/orphan’s or widow’s pension; active retire- ment assistance and support  carer’s allowance online 0 submission of an application for the provision of support for a disabled person (for a close person, social care assistant, social service provider)  moving online 0 registration of the new address during the move, removal of waste, in- cluding online notification of the new address to other institutions (fi- nancial office, school, doctor, post office, electricity and gas utilities, etc.), check-out from the original local authority and public service suppliers most important (1) to the least important (5). The following areas have been identified:  personal documents online


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