0 digitalization (minutes of meetings and negotiations, contracts, invoices and follow up on these orders, etc.), archiving, online post office  legislation online 0 full text of valid laws, decrees, CSN and other relevant legislation availa- ble free of charge (unpaid versions see e.g. ASPI system or  offenses and administrative proceedings online 0 notification of proceedings, course of proceedings, sharing of evidence, acquaintance with the result, contradiction of results of proceedings, payments for proceedings  online appeal of the company against the decision of the office or court  digital electronic identity 0 verification of documents stored in online data files (e.g. verification of contracts; smart contract)  patent proceedings and trademarks 0 application, grant, online payment  granting permission online 0 requisition, obtaining a parking permit, etc.  complaint process 0 initiation of proceedings, sharing of evidence, information on the status and outcome of the complaint procedure, appeal against the decision  online company support 0 consultation for companies, possibilities of financing company projects, support and consultation in solving crises  online evaluation of the creditworthiness of business partners  insolvency proceedings online 0 application submission, initiation, course of proceedings, sharing of evi- dence, results, disputation of results  dissolving a company online 0 dissolution of a company, removal of a company from the public register, online payment for removal The overall results indicating the importance of dealing with business matters online are as follows: 80% views and extracts from public registers 79% legislation online – available free of charge the full text of applicable laws 76% views and extracts from public administration information systems 74% electronic distribution of documents 62% digital electronic identity 61% construction procedure online 59% online appeal of the company against the decision of the office or court


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