5.2 Citizens Based on the results of the research, it is possible to say that the Czech population (both general and Internet) are greatly in favor of the digitalization of public administration. Unfortunately, according to the respondents, the Czech state is not yet able to make better use of this, as a large segment of citizens consider themselves to be very poorly informed about the current possibilities and tools of e-government. Concerning communicationwithpublic administrationauthorities, respondents most often give the reason of contact with a municipal office or a financial office. However, they often criticize the authorities’ long reaction time and the significant lack of willingness of officials. However, the use of tools of digitalization by the Internet population can be described as minimal, even non-existent. Only 8% of respondents use data boxes; nine people use an electronic identity card with an activated chip; only 4% of respondents regularly use the Citizen’s Portal and as much as 39% of the Internet population do not even knowwhat it is. However, those respondentswho use the Citizen’s Portal praise its clarity and intuitiveness, but often criticize the need to purchase a reader – this could be distributed directly with an electronic identity card. Of the online services offered by the state, respondents most often use access to the cadastral map of property, and significantly less requests for a copy of a criminal record and information on driver’s demerit points. However, it should be emphasized that the fact that the services offered are not fully digitized and is also confusing and complicated is often criticized. As part of online services at the community level, respondents most often use their websites to obtain information from the office, current information about the territory and to download pre-printed forms. As part of e-Government services, respondents would most often tend to prefer online solutions for identity documents, means of transport and paperwork related to moving. Conversely, online elections, marriage/registered partnership announcements and, last but not least, open data extensions can be considered minority issues. 5.3 Companies Based on the results of this research, it can be said that the current level of digitalization of companies can be characterized at a very advanced level in the opinion of respondents, with the highest level of digitalization recorded in medium-sized companies and those in trade and services. Respondents consider the increase in the efficiency of business processes and the increase in competitiveness to be the main reasons for the need to digitalize. The most frequently digitalized areas of the financial administration (financial reporting, controlling, costing, and budgeting) are already common among companies, while digitalization in logistics (supply and business logistics) also


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