6) Is there a person in your office who deals with ICT solutions within the mu- nicipality or city? a) Yes, we have internal employees at the office who are dedicated to ICT solutions. b) Yes, we employ external employees at the office who are dedicat- ed to ICT solutions (based on an agreement on the performance of work or an agreement on work activities). c) No, we do not have a specialist in ICT solutions and the website/ portal is managed by an external ICT company. d) No, we do not have a specialist in ICT solutions, and we manage our website for free on our own. 7) Do you actively strive in your office to enhance the computer (ICT) compe- tencies of your employees? a) Yes, we regularly send employees for retraining in the field of ICT skills. b) Yes, employees have taken a basic ICT skills course. c) No, our employees do not need it. (We view it as unnecessary.) d) No, we do not have the funds to train employees in the field of ICT. 8) Are you concerned about digitalization? (You can check more options.) a) E-government is too technically demanding. b) We have concerns about data and information security. c) The municipal government does not have the support of the inhab- itants for e-government. d) We are concerned about the financial demands of digitalization pro- jects (wasted money on tools that no one will use). e) We are concerned about difficulties in financing (obtaining funds) the digitalization of our office’s processes. f) We have no concerns. g) Other (please specify) ……………… 9) What would help digitalize your office? (You can check more options.) a) Specific instructions on what and how to digitalize. b) Available technical assistance (e.g. implementation assistance, staff training) by the state. c) Technical online counseling center, e.g. support for connection to CMS 2.0 (Modernized Central Service Point) and eGovernment Ser- vice Bus – common reference interface according to the Act on Pub- lic Administration Information Systems) d) More financial support from the state and regions e) Direct and expressed interest of citizens for digitalization (from pub- lic meetings, questionnaires, or responses)


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