In case of answers 5 a) or 5 b) continue: 5.1) Assess the quality of the data box:

a) Great b) Good c) Quite poor d) Poor 5.2) What would you recommend improving? (You can check more options.) a) Login method b) The portal is confusing (not intuitive) c) Offer more services d) Offer more free services

e) Unlimited free archiving of all data f) Other, please specify: ……………………… g) I wouldn’t change anything

In case of answer 5 c) continue: 5.3) Why don’t you use data boxes? (multiple options can be marked) a) I don’t have access to a computer b) I don’t have access to the Internet c) I don’t need to have a data box. (It serves me no purpose.) d) I’m concerned about the security of personal data. e) I prefer to handle the matter at the office counter. f) I’m afraid of the technical complexity of using a data box. g) I don’t know how to set up a data box. h) I don’t know what purpose a data box serves. i) Other, please specify: ……………………… 6) Do you own an electronic identity card? (i.e. identity card with contact elec- tronic chip) a) Yes b) No c) I don’t know, what an electronic identity card is In case of answer 6 a) 1. I have a contact electronic chip activated, and I use the offered on- line services. 2. I have the contact electronic chip activated, but I don’t use the of- fered online services. 3. I don’t have a contact electronic chip activated.


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