Date: 6/13/16


E.J. Gallo Wines

5610 East Olive Avenue Fresno, CA 93714

Attention: Kurt Eulberg

E-mail: kurt.eulberg@ejgallo.com Phone: 559-458-2441 Fax: 559-458-2435

Subject: Ellis Wastewater DAFC-200 & Optional Rental to Purchase Proposal Equipment: DAF-200 Opportunity: W16-010

Hello Kurt,

Per the request of our representative, Luis Simas, I am pleased to provide you with a proposal for the purchase & optional rental of our Model DAFC-200 Dissolved Air Flotation Skid system. This unit has two hundred square feet of flotation area. Based on results from our pilot testing we can rate this equipment for 200 gpm (1gpm/ft 2 ) continuous flow. We have modified the proposed unit to best address the concerns with your current clarifier. This unit will feature an expanded height in the separation chamber. This will allow more retention time and improve separation capabilities.

The DAFC-200 will also feature a walkway with staircase (not pictured in drawings). We can modify the dimensions based on your needs and concerns with placement of the DAF on site.

Lastly, the DAFC-200 will utilize a solids discharge auger in addition to a pump to provide added suction for settled solids discharge. This will prevent cavitation of solids at the bottom to the separation chamber. These components will be automated in the control panel so operators will not have to manually monitor performance.

Please let me know if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you on this project.


Michael Sargent Sales Director, Ellis Wastewater

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