WESSA Annual Review 2022

D WESSA EDUCATION CENTRES Discover, Learn, Grow! Is the philosophy that was adopted by education centres in 2019. A lot of work was done to attract new clients using e-STEAM as a WESSA education centres’ way of teaching. The approach intends to bring about change and improvement to the unit. We are currently in a process of revisiting our pedagogy. This will link all our programs with the principles, goals and subgoals of environmental education. The process is in line with WESSA’s new strategy. With all the programs and material in place, we are optimistic that the unit will continue to offer programs using WESSA’s newly developed mission and vision which emphasizes educating, advocating, and acting. The activities are available for us to refocus and set new objectives that will achieve goals in collaboration with our strategic partners and creating an ecosystem that allows the unit to work effortlessly with other WESSA departments i.e. training, projects and programmes. In addition, we are aiming to teach sustainability linking the environment with social and economic environment to ensure improvement and enhancement of people’s lives. It is about time we identify our true north and strategically set achievable goals.

Bush Pigs Outdoor Education Centre Located in the Limpopo bushveld at the foothills of the Waterberg, on a 350-hectare reserve, WESSA Bush Pigs Environmental Education Centre has been offering exceptional outdoor education programmes since 1987. Total reach:

Twinstreams Education Centre

Since 1952, Twinstreams continues to conduct outstanding programmes for school children from across the country. Located on the north coast of KwaZulu-Natal at Mtunzini, the centre offers a unique education experience such as meandering trails through dune forests, mangroves, and estuaries. Total reach:

47 Educators

625 learners

117 educators

945 learners

Learners conducting experiments during National Science Week.

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