SWEP Sustainability report 2021

Our continual pursuit of progress Scrap reduction and process optimization

90% of the material SWEP uses in its products comes from recycled sources, and 100% of our scrap is recycled by scrap handlers. Nevertheless, reducing scrap is still a priority at all our production sites. Together with first pass yield – that is, the proportion of heat exchangers that are manufactured without the need for rebrazing – scrap rate is an important indicator of process optimization and efficiency. Even with our high recycling rates, active measures in process optimization can still save significant amounts of resources – especially energy – and improve production capacity and lead times. Our Swedish plant recorded an 18% reduction in scrap and a remarkable 35% improvement in first pass yield. In Slovakia, positive results were recorded for both these indicators, in a continuation of their excellent process improvements over the past three years. 2021 saw our Košice site roll-out a new in-process measurement system. It’s part of an ongoing program to better capture, analyze and utilize data throughout their engineering and production. In recent years, the program has delivered significant long-term productivity improvements. SWEP Malaysia also recorded impressive figures in 2021. Their scrap rate decreased by 35%, driven by a dedicated improvement team and an increased focus on quality awareness, expectations and communication.

Reduction in scrap



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