Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits



The book you hold in your hands is regarded by thousands of professionals as their indispensable guide to the mysteries of IRAs and qualified retirement plans. With Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits by Natalie B. Choate you can help your clients avoid costly mistakes and preserve their retirement savings. The retirement plan rules are among the most complex in our tax Code. Don’t face them without Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits . What’s New in this Edition? This edition contains the same easy-to-follow explanations and authoritative information as prior editions, as well as new rulings, cases, and statutory changes. Plus: Expanded coverage of after-tax money in plans, Roth conversions, and how to advise executors and beneficiaries…and NEW “Road Maps” to help you find what you need FAST: Lifetime:

How to Compute MRDs During Participant’s Life Page 38 Retiree Road Map to Lifetime Distribution Choices Page 140 Advising the Married Participant Page 144 Trust Drafting Checklist Page 271 Beneficiary Designation Form Drafting Checklist Page 389 Post-death: How to Compute MRDs after the Participant’s Death Page 48 Advising the Surviving Spouse Page 145 Executor’s Retirement Benefits Road Map Page 171 How to Advise Any Beneficiary Page 217 Any time: How to Track “After-tax Money” in a Plan or IRA Page 100 See-through Trust Tester Quiz Page 325

“ If you have an IRA or pension plan you need this book. ” Ed Slott CPA, in ED SLOTT’S IRA ADVISOR

“ Natalie Choate’s book provides a comprehensive, authoritative, clear explanation of this complex subject. ” Stephan R. Leimberg, JD, CLU, in THINK ABOUT IT

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