2016 Candidate Award Listing for OMB Review

AOAC INTERNATIONAL (Technical and Scientific Excellence Award)

Person Making Nomination Team Nominee

Method/Project Title

Project Summary

Rationale for Nomination

The Allergen WG has established an SMPR for detection  of milk, peanut, whole egg and hazelnut using MS  technology. The SMPR was approved by the SPSFAM  Stakeholder Panel at the 2016 Mid‐Year meeting.

Erin Crowley

SPSFAM Allergen Working  Group

Standard Method Performance  Requirements (SMPR) for Detection  and Quantitation of Selected Allergens

This group worked diligently between the annual  meeting in 2015 until the mid‐year meeting to identify  critical needs for allergen detection methods using  mass spec technology. This group is diverse in  perspective, encompassing representation from  regulators, food companies, industry and international  organizations. They have set a precedent for future  working groups to establish acceptance criteria for  assays that detect allergens using highly sensitive and robust  technologies

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