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Got Experience? Increasingly, employers who recruit at UNCG look for career-related experience. Internships are an excellent way to obtain such experience, as are part-time jobs, volunteer work, and summer jobs.

The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of Internships Who should do an Internship?  YOU! Everyone can benefit from internship experience, regardless of his or her major.

What is an Internship?  Supervised work experience that is related to your major or career interest, typically part-time for one or more semesters or during the summer. Options include traditional summer, fall/spring, or nontraditional summer (study abroad or international) internships. Many are unpaid, although paid internships are available. To apply and see a list of available scholarships, visit the CSC website. Academic credit may be available. Check with your academic department. When should I do an Internship?  Any time! Internships are available for one semester, a summer, or an entire academic year.

Where should I do an Internship?  Internships are available in every discipline and field of interest. They can be found locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally, and are in corporations, non-profits, and even government. Why should I do an Internship?  To gain valuable work experience before graduating, to meet prospective employers, to make employment contacts, and to test a field of interest or work environment before committing to a career. It is also a chance to increase your competitive edge and develop transferable skills. How do I find an Internship?  Career Services Center: Look at available internships on SpartanCareers. Meet with a career counselor to discuss how to find an internship. Browse internship directories in the CSC Library.  Academic Department: Check to see if your department has a formal internship program. Ask faculty members about potential internship sites. Talk to other students or past alumni. Find out what they know.  Online: Check the CSC website for links to internship information. Search websites related to “internships” and your areas of interest. Search company websites directly for internship programs and opportunities such as , Vault , Indeed , or Simply Hired . Utilize social media to tap into your network and find new people looking for interns.

 Network in Your Field of Interest: Tell friends and family that you are searching for an internship. Conduct an Informational Interview with people in your field of interest. Meet with faculty and with Career Services staff.

Finding a Quality Internship Takes Time! About 6–8 months before... Make some basic decisions: Do you want to do your internship for academic credit or just for the experience? Do you want a paid internship only? Research possible internship dates. About 4–6 months before... Update your personal marketing tools (resume, cover letter, interview skills). Attend internship and career fairs at UNCG and other locations. Prepare a list of 4–5 internship sites that you are most interested in. Contact these internship sites by phone or mail and follow-up with each internship supervisor to request an interview. About 2–4 months prior to your internship... Interview with interested employers and send thank you notes after each interview. Meet with your course instructor, if taking for academic credit. When you receive an internship offer, accept it in writing and agree on a start date.

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