Sinac 18/25 Twin - Universal heat generator



Remote control A remote control unit lets you control heating cycles via feed- back to the microcontroller. Sinac is available with field buses and is compatible with Profibus-DP, Devicenet, Ethernet. etc. Robot compatible Sinac can be adapted to any robot, allowing quick, no-fuss intergration into automated production lines. The HHT can easily be mounted on a robot arm. Maximum output power With Sinac’s maximum power feature you can, for limited peri- ods of time, operate with an output power far in excess of the continuous output power.

Stationary systems Sinac is EFD Induction’s range of complete stationary heating systems. Sinac’s compact design saves valuable floor space and simplifies in-line integration and retrofitting. Range of coils Sinac systems can be fitted with a practically limitless range of coil designs. EFD Induction are specialists at designing, testing and delivering customized, long-life coils. Twin power output The ’Twin’ version features two independent power output that can operate simultaneously under identical or different parameters. Split display The ’Twin’ version features two independent control panels. Each displays data for its power output. Functionality is based on our specially designed microcontroller.


Sinac is ideal for a wide range of applications: brazing, shrink fitting, hardening, curing, straightening, heat treatment, etc. Sinac is suitable for heating all kinds of electrical conductive materials like copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass, titanium, etc.


Model Output Continuous output power Max. output power intermittent Duty factor/cycle time Output power regulation range Frequency range HHT 240 power cable length Supply Supply voltage range Frequency Nominal voltage Nominal line current Max. line current intermittent Nominal apparent power Maximum apparent power Recommended fuse


Cooling Water consumption, min. Water inlet temperature Water pressure min./max. Cooling water quality - ph Enclosure Ambient operating temp. Outer dimensions cabinet (WxDxH) Weight with HHT 240 approx. Enclosure protection Color HHT 240 outer dimension (L x OD) HHT 240 weight without handle

17 l/min* max. 35 o C 4/6 bar* between 7.0 and 9.0 +5 o C - +50 o C 600 x 350 x 760 mm 125 kg IP 54 RAL 7035 Grey 132 x 77 mm 3.5 kg

2 x 18 kW 2 x 25 kW 50%/10 min 2-100 % 10-25 kHz 5 m (10 m)

3 x 400-480 V + 10% 50/60 Hz 400 V

64 A (RMS) 84 A (RMS)

45 kVA 58 kVA 80 Amp

* Dependent of coil

Subject to modification

EFD-100291 -03/16-ENG

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