Fishtail 450

DISCLAIMER The views expressed in articles and letters contained in Fishtail magazine are not necessarily those of the Editor or the officers or members of the Velocette Owners Club. Any information, including advice and suggested modifica- tions, contained in Fishtail has not been tested, checked or approved by the Velocette Owners Club. Before acting on any such information you should obtain appropriate technical advice and if necessary have the work carried out by a professional motorcycle engineer. The individuals who are listed as providing “Advice” on particular issues do so in good faith on a voluntary basis and the Club cannot accept liability for the consequences of any information provided by them. Save as required by Law, the Club cannot accept liability for any loss or dam- age occasioned directly or indirectly as a result of the use of any information contained within the Magazine (or any other publication by the Club), includ- ing any advertisements therein. © Velocette Owners’ Club 2017 PLEASE NOTE: T he Velocette Owners’ Club does not under any circumstances guarantee the authenticity of any Velocette motorcycle. Anyone intending to buy a Velocette should make their own enquiries before purchasing the motorcycle in question. regalia All clothing items are made to order, in a variety of sizes and colours, If you don’t see what you’re after, you can always email the Regalia Secretary with your enquiry. Don’t forget the badges and books, made to the usual high Velocette standards, such as Norm’s Technicalities or the 1928 Veloce Brochure , along with the posters and Fishtail binders to keep everything neat and tidy! You can pay via PayPal. No credit card/computer/online access? No problem, Contact the Regalia Secretary to place your order and get a price. Pay by cheque. Mark Newsome - 07870 762 442 Visit the VOC regalia store online (above) or through the main VOC web site and browse the whole collection of current regalia that the club offers. Place your order, choose where you want it delivered to and pay online - all from your armchair! Velocette Owners’ Club Regalia Store

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