MANN-FILTER Cabin Air Program Sheet 2019

Triple-layer FreciousPlus ™ filter Motorists with allergies and other respiratory sensitivities can breathe easier all year long when their vehicle is equipped with FreciousPlus™ — the biofunctional cabin air filter from MANN-FILTER. This innovative, three-layer cabin air filter absorbs nearly 100% of allergens and helps prevent the spread of bacteria and mold in the passenger compartment for a clean, comfortable drive.

Single-layer particle filter MANN-FILTER particle cabin air filters provide basic filtration performance for air flowing through the ventilation system. Thicker, deeper media with multiple fiber layers remove dust and other small particles for a better driving experience.

Clean air makes

Provides almost 100% protection against allergens Helps prevent mold and bacteria from entering the vehicle Blocks particulate matter almost completely (PM2.5) Eliminates odors and traps harmful gases Protects the air conditioning system

Low flow resistance High dirt separation efficiency

all the difference

FreciousPlus cabin air filter


Special paper embossing for stable pleats Coated media for water and flame resistance

Cabin air filters protect you and your passengers The air that flows into your vehicle through the ventilation ducts while driving may contain up to five times more exhaust gases, pollutants and allergens than fresh air. The only barrier between these pollutants and the occupants of your vehicle is the cabin air filter, which is why it is important to replace it every year, 12,000 miles or as recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Installing a MANN-FILTER cabin air filter can help to stop dirt, debris, pollen, allergens and other contaminants from entering the passenger compartment of your vehicle for a more enjoyable — and quieter — ride.*


Particulate matter


Particle filter layer This high-performance filter media blocks almost 100% of coarse particles such as road and tire dust, pollen and other fine particulate matter.

Particle cabin air filter CU

Premium activated carbon layer The use of high-quality activated carbon granulate removes unpleasant odors and harmful gases, including ozone, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

A fresh growth opportunity The cabin air filter category is the fastest-growing segment of the automotive filtration industry. This rapid growth is driven by the consumer’s willingness to invest in products that will enhance performance, comfort and luxury. To service this demand, MANN-FILTER cabin air filters are available in 633 different configurations to fit almost every European nameplate on the road. And best of all, MANN-FILTER makes it easy to manage a filter program. By stocking just 30 top cabin air filter part numbers, your shop will enjoy 99% VIO coverage so you’ll have the right filter on hand when you need it most.



Biofunctional layer The special, yellow biofunctional coating, which contains natural polyphenol, is designed to trap allergens. An additional antimicrobial coating ensures that bacteria and mold have no source of nutrition.


30 Part Numbers

35 Million

80 Percent

75 Percent

Americans suffering from symptoms related to airborne allergens

Cars sold with a cabin air filter that will need to be replaced

Climate control problems attributed to a dirty cabin air filter

Dual-layer carbon filter MANN-FILTER activated carbon cabin air filters (CUK) meet the high-performance requirements demanded by OE manufacturers. These filters absorb odorous gases and protect the vehicle occupants from harm for up to one year or 12,000 miles.**

80 Percent

99 Percent +

250 Hours +

The 30 most popular cabin air filters provide excellent coverage for shops CUK 2939, CUK 2862, CUK 29 005, CUK 8430, CU 8430, CUK 4436, CU 2855, CUK 6724, CUK 2733, CUK 2941-2, CUK 2533-2, CUK 2646-2, CUK 3139, CUK 22 000-2, CU 2745-2, CUK 4624, CUK 2842, CUK 5366, CUK 2450, CUK 2736-2, CUK 2747, CUK 3360, CUK 2897, CUK 3037, CUK 3569, CUK 2722-2, CUK 3124-2, CUK 2241-2, CUK 3621, CUK 22 008-4

European automotive nameplates sold featuring a cabin air filter

People who would pay more for a product with a health benefit

Average number of hours drivers spend in a vehicle per year

99% VIO Coverage

*MANN-FILTER CU, CUK and FP cabin air filters deliver different levels of filtration performance. Refer to the product description or for details.

High carbon content eliminates odors and gases Promotes better airflow in the cabin Aids defroster performance Meets or exceeds OE requirements

0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%

Activated carbon cabin air filter


**Refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for recommended maintenance schedules

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