Bullard Clean Air Box (CAB)

Hard Pipe Set Up with Clean Air Box & 41 Series

Compressor 3/4" drop NPT Male Nipple

S16191 3/8" NPT to 1/2" Industrial Interchange Coupler

Elbow 90 deg 1" Male NPT 1" Female NPT

Reducer 3/4" to 1" F/F

Reducer 1" to 3/4" M/F

Reducer 3/4" to 3/8" M/F

1" Nipple M/M

Option V20 Hose for Incoming Line

1" Nipple Threaded Both Ends

Clean Air Box 1/2" Male Inlet Nipple

Reducer 3/4" to 1" F/F

1/4" Industrial Interchange (Hansen Compatible)

V17 1/4" Male Nipple (included in 4696)

V13 Hose to Pipe Adaptor (included in 4696)

1/4" Female Industrial Interchange QD Coupler (included with CAB)

F30 1/4" Industrial Interchange Fitting

4696 Starter Hose

CC20 Series Hood

1/4" Snaptite

S19442 S19443 (Brass) 1/4" Male Nipple Snaptite

V12 Hose to Pipe Adaptor

1/4" Female QD Snaptite Coupler Outlet (included with CAB)

46915 Starter Hose

20BT Breathing Tube

F32 1/4" Snaptite Fitting

1/4" Schrader

S19432 1/4" Male Nipple Schrader

V12 Hose to Pipe Adaptor

1/4" Female QD Schrader Outlet Coupler (included with CAB)

46913 Starter Hose

F31 1/4" Schrader Fitting

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