Polyco Food Industry Catalogue



Freezemaster ® Cryo Insulated cryogenic gauntlet

Features Cryogenic: Suitable for the handling of very cold objects. Protection: In addition to the water resistant coating, there is also a waterproof inner membrane for additional safety. Fleece Liner: Exceptionally warm and comfortable in extreme cold conditions. Caution: Not designed to withstand immersion in liquid nitrogen or cryogenic liquids.

Specifications Size 8

Case Quantity 1 pair per polybag


Code FMC/M FMC/L Length 39cm 39cm






Freezemaster ® II Leather insulated glove

Features Quality: Made from premium quality leather which is soft, resilient and provides excellent grip. Comfort: Spandex on the back of the hand allows for total flexibility in hand movement. Lining: Fleecy lining and waterproof membrane keeps hands warm and dry in cold conditions. Range: Available with an extra long cuff for additional warmth and protection.

Specifications Size

Case Quantity 1 pair per polybag 10 pairs per case

6 11 Regular Cuff FM2/06 FM2/07 FM2/08 FM2/09 FM2/10 FM2/11 Long Cuff FM2LC/06 FM2LC/07 FM2LC/08 FM2LC/09 FM2LC/10 FM2LC/11 7 8 9 10

EN388 EN511

2112 22X

(Long Cuff)


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