LEO Handgun Handling

Handgun Handling Techniques

b. Feedway Clearances One-Handed: 1) Method One:

a) Officer locks the slide open with one hand using the belt or other part of the equipment or body b) Officer presses on the magazine release button and strips the magazine out of the gun by using some part of his clothing or equipment c) Officer racks the gun d) Officer reloads

2) Method Two:

a) Officer grips the handgun tightly and depresses the magazine release button b) Officer strikes his wrist forcefully over his knee c) Officer racks the slide to clear obstructions from the chamber d) Officer reloads This hard strike with the magazine release depressed will release the magazine, and in most cases close the slide, which eliminates the more difficult step of locking the slide open one-handed and ripping the magazine from the gun.

REMEMBER: You Must Do Something: Make the gun work. Do not become paralyzed by fear -- fight to WIN. If all Else Fails, Exit the Area Immediately: If clearing the Feedway fails to return the pistol to working order, your options are greatly reduced, and you should exit the area immediately if possible. * End of Chapter *


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