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Reconstruction of Asphalt Pavement Systems: Proper Planning, Budgeting & Methods

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Project Highlights: Thomastown Courts Condominium Association: Pavement

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NJ Biz Top 250

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Chilly, Autumn Evenings are Perfect for a Thermal Analysis

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Jessica Vail Director, Marketing & Business Development

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Letter from the Editor Hello again! And welcome to the Fall 2017 Edition of Engineering Matters. I hope everyone had a wonderful summer. I am so excited to share with you another issue of Engineering Matters. We are all back to school and work and our busy season is in full swing. And more importantly budget season is upon us! Are you getting prepared for next year? Let us know how we can help! As we move into the new season it is imperative that property managers & board members not only plan for next year but plan for the winter season ahead. Included in this issue are tips and information about being prepared for the cold weather season and how it impacts your community. We are also participating in many upcoming events so be sure to connect with us on social media to stay in the loop. As always, thank you for reading.


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Staff Updates

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Best regards, Jessica


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