Pre-Health Advising

UC Merced Health Careers

The University of California, Merced, is a perfect place to build the foundation for your career in the health sciences.

Rigorous, interdisciplinary programs allow you to amass the knowledge and the academic record you need to prepare for graduate or professional school in the health sciences. One-on-one attention from faculty members and other mentors helps you stay on top of your learning and develop professional networks that will make a positive difference for your future. Participating in a start-up university affords you opportunities for leadership and personal development – both in and out of the classroom – that will stand out to future admissions and recruiting officials.

Preparation for a Health Career

REQUIRED COURSES Courses requirements vary between schools and among health professional programs. In general, pre-health students can expect to take courses in biological sciences, chemistry, organic chemistry, calculus, physics, statistics, writing, arts, humanities and social sciences. It is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with the prerequisites for the intended health career and school.


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