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Spring 2015

Assistive lifting service

Test your pendant Remember to test your pendant each month by pressing the red If you do not have the Emergency Mobile Response service and would like to register for it or require further information about the service, please contact our Progress Connect Team on 01772 450600 . There is an additional charge of £1.50 per week for this service, which includes unlimited call-outs. Our Emergency Mobile Responder Team is trained in moving and handling people, injury assessment and assistive lifting and can attend to a customer who has pressed their pendant and is uninjured. So far the team has: • Successfully lifted over 500 people • Arrived within the hour 100% of the time • Referred 80% of people to the fall prevention service who will review why a person has fallen and make suggestions of how to prevent future falls Following this success, we have been approached by the South Ribble Clinical Commissioning Group to work in partnership with the North West Ambulance Service to provide an assistive lifting service pilot for people in care and residential homes in the Preston, South Ribble and Chorley area. Our aims are to reduce ambulance visits and quickly assist people back to their feet. We are pleased to announce that we will be providing the lifting service to all our Progress Lifeline customers in the Chorley, South Ribble and Preston areas from March free of charge for a trial period of 6 months. Subject to us having access to your property, for example a KeySafe. All customers who are registered with the response service will continue to receive this service after the 6 month period.

For the last 18 months, Progress Lifeline has been providing an assistive lifting service to our customers in the Fylde and Wyre area. The service was developed following an increasing number of customers who were experiencing falls, were un-injured but unable to get up and the only option was to wait for an ambulance. The pressures on the ambulance service often lead to a longer wait for an ambulance to arrive. Are we one of your telephone contacts? Some telephones have a ‘Call Guardian’ feature to block all withheld numbers and those without a caller ID. This means that the phone can intercept calls from people not on your telephone contact list. A virtual assistant asks unrecognised callers to announce their name prior to being connected, and you can decide to accept or reject the call; if you reject it, that number is stored so it is blocked automatically if they call again. If your telephone service has this feature please make sure that you add our telephone numbers 01772 450600 and 01772 436756 on your contact list otherwise we are unable to call you back.

button on your pendant and speaking to an operator in our Control Centre.

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