Portwest Catalogue - Hand Protection Range


NO STEEL AND GLASS FIBRES The CT Series collection is free from glass and steel fibres, ensuring they can be worn over long periods without skin irritation, these gloves are OEKO-TEX® certified for maximum skin-friendliness.

RETAINS CUT RESISTANCE UP TO 10 WASHES Our innovative fabric construction ensures cut resistance levels are retained for up to 10 washes, as independently tested.


FULL RANGE OF CUT AND DEXTERITY LEVELS This premium offering is certified to

EN388:2016 and available in cut levels from level C to level F, and a range of gauges 7,13,15 and 18. Under the American ANSI standard, cut levels range from A3 to A8.

This low weight fabric offers superior comfort whilst capable of providing cut protection beyond EN388:2016 Level F. It comprises high grade ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) materials which are 15 times stronger than steel. Flexible and comfortable to wear, it does not absorb moisture or lose its shape or performance even after 10 washes. DYULTRA™ IS A NEW CUT-RESISTANT MATERIAL DEVELOPED TO PROVIDE THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF ABRASION RESISTANCE IN THE MARKET, STRONGER THAN PARA-ARAMIDS.



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