Portwest Catalogue - Hand Protection Range


When selec ting the right glove, many f ac tors must be taken into consideration such as the environment you’re working in, the amount of dex terit y required and whether you’re working in wet or dr y conditions. This two -s tep guide will help you in selec ting the appropriate glove for your application.

Step 2 . Se lec t the material gauge based on dur ab i l i t y and dex te r i t y r equ i r ed for your appl i cation . T he gauge o f t he ma t e r i a l c an a f f e c t t he dur ab ili t y and the dex ter i t y.

Step 1. Find the sui tabl e glove coating for your appl i cation



Fully coated, or liquid repellent gloves

Wet, Oily Conditions



Nitrile based coatings



13 15 18

Water / Dry Conditions

Latex Coating

High Durability

Low Durability

High Dexterity

PU Coating

50 + Exceptional Grip Styles

Low Dexterity

High Dexterity

A l ower gauge will o f fer improved dur ab ili t y wi th reduced dex ter i t y

A higher gauge has improved dex ter i t y wi th reduced dur ab ili t y

Enhanced Gripping and Greater Wearer Safety


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