High-Value Inventory Flyer

High-Value Inventory

High-Value Inventory If you have items that require more liability coverage than the standard $0.60 per pound, you may want to consider taking advantage of the high value inventory coverage program. Please contact your move coordinator or speak with your in-home move estimator if you have any questions about the program. The high value inventory form that you will receive before the move allows us to more closely track and provide greater security for your high value possessions. Failure to identify high value articles will result in limited carrier liability.

Step 1 Please complete the high value inventory form before the packers arrive to pack your household goods. List those items that you feel have a value of more than $100 per pound. Step 2 When the packers arrive, present them with the high value inventory form and the high value items for packing. Then, both you and the lead packer will sign the high value inventory form, acknowledging that both of you are aware of the high value inventory items listed. The packer will give you a copy for your records. Step 3 The cartons containing the high value items will be left in your possession until the van operator arrives to load your goods. Make the van operator aware of any cartons containing high value items or any larger unpacked items that you listed on the high value inventory form. You must also identify for the driver any high value items that you have packed yourself so that he or she may exercise the right to inspect such items.

Step 4 You will also be asked to sign an “Extraordinary Value Article Declaration” statement on the bill of lading.

Note: You must sign the high value inventory form even if you have not listed any high value items. Your signature attests to the fact that such articles are not included in your shipment.

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