Disciplinary and Harassment Investigations

LABOR RELATIONS QTY COST TOTAL Labor Relations: The Meet and Confer Process $75 Unfair Practice Charges and PERB $55

Sample Employer-Employee Relations Resolution $25 LEAVES Leave Rights for California Employees $75 MANDATED REPORTING

Mandated Reporting for Public Agencies $55 PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT Annual Audit of Your Personnel Rules $75

Personnel Issues: Hiring, Reference Checks and Personnel Records and Files $75 PRIVACY Privacy Issues in the Workplace $75 PUBLIC SAFETY Principles for Public Safety Employment $75 PUBLIC SERVICE Supervisor’s Guide to Public Sector Employment Law $55 RETIREMENT An Agency’s Guide to Employee Retirement $75 SUPERVISION AND MANAGEMENT 12 Steps to Avoiding Liability $55 Best Practices in Personnel Management $75 $75 Addressing Workplace Violence $55 Subtotal: CA Sales Tax:

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The Supervisor's Toolbox: Management Rights, Communication, Discipline and the Represented Workforce VIOLENCE IN THE WORKPLACE

BROWN ACT/PUBLIC RECORDS ACT QTY COST TOTAL Public Meeting Law (the Brown Act) and the Public Records Act $55 CONFLICTS OF INTEREST AND ETHICS Conflicts of Interest, Ethics and Open Government $75 Creating an Ethical Mindset $55 DISABILITY AND OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY $55

Issues and Challenges Regarding Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace $55 Managing Employee Injuries, Disability and Occupational Safety $75 The Disability Interactive Process $75 DIVERSITY Succession Through Diversity $75 EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS EVALUATION AND DISCIPLINE Evaluation and Discipline $75

Disaster Service Workers – If You Call Them, Will They Come? $55 Employees and Driving $55 Employment Relations Primer $75 Terminating the Employment Relationship $55 FAIR LABOR STANDARDS ACT (FLSA) Advanced Fair Labor Standards Act $55

FLSA Public Sector Compliance Guide $95 Introduction to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) $55 FREE EXPRESSION Free Expression $75

HARASSMENT/DISCRIMINATION/RETALIATION Preventing Workplace Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation $75 INVESTIGATIONS Disciplinary and Harassment Investigations $75 LABOR CODE Labor Code 101 for Public Agencies $55

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The Meaning of At-Will, Probationary, Seasonal, Part-Time and Contract Employment

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