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Making The most of your digital EOS To get the very best images from your digital EOS camera you need to understand how all it’s key features work, how to apply the settings and have a good understanding of all the photographic basics. This is the key aim behind our training programme, to get you producing the very best images by understanding what your camera allows you to do. Our making The Most Of Your Digital EOS Parts 1 & 2 are ideal for those who have had their digital EOS camera for a while and are comfortable with the basic operation and full auto modes and feel you are ready to take the next step into taking full control over the camera’s creative modes and to understand how to fully utilise all the camera’s settings and overrides. These are run as a classroom based events as that allows us to cover the most features in a day. For those that prefer a more hands on approach also see the taking control of your digital EOS events on our website. Making The most of your digital EOS - Part 1 What you will learn • All day theory course taking your photography to the next level Learn all about how you can take control in the creative modes Learn all about shutter speeds, apertures, ISO and depth of field How the key overrides can make a difference to your images Making The most of your digital EOS - Part 2 What you will learn • All day theory course to understand the advanced overrides • Covers the vast range of overrides and when to use them • How to shoot in RAW and JPEG • How to program your camera to best suit your photography • Using metering, white balance, custom functions and much more As we run over 100 of these events per year there is bound to be a course within reach of you soon, see our website for details of where and when the events take place. The courses take place at hotels, run from 10am till 5pm approx and handouts, lunch and refreshments are all included. Courses are £119 at our Huntingdon training centre and £139 for all regional locations. • • • • How to control the focusing system to be creative

Practical Workshops Practical workshops are designed to combine a session in the classroom of between 2 and 2.5 hours learning the key theories of the topic that we are teaching. We follow that with a practical shooting session under the expert guidance of our two lecturers which allows you to put into practice the techniques learnt in the morning session. Taking control of your EOS flash ThiseventlooksathowtouseflashonyourEOScameratoget the very best results. We spend the morning’s theory session looking at the essential things that you have to understand to use flash successfully and then spend the afternoon shooting withourmodel. The afternoon’s shootingwill be fully tutored with the lecturer explaining the location and how to get the best results and then time being given to shoot, before Mostly held at cathedrals around the country and we also have an event at Syon House where we have access to some of its magnificent state rooms. The theory part of the event looks at the challenges that face us when shooting interiors and then the afternoon practical shooting looks at putting those techniques into practice. This is a great event for learning how to use the camera manually, utilising the white balance controls to the fullest and understanding how to fully utilise the Live View systems that the cameras have, to allow you to get the very best results, in addition to learning all about interior photography. Close up andmacro photography Close up is a relatively easy area of photography to master, however macro is technically challenging and can be much more difficult. In the afternoon’s practical session we look at shooting in different situations and light levels and get you to put into practice the theory learnt in the morning. In the practical part of the course we also look at using flash to light the subject, both using the camera’s built in flash or an external flash on camera, through to using the increasingly popular wireless flash system. We also have lots of other Practical Workshop events - see our website for more details, locations, dates and cost. moving on to the next location. Interior photography


So you want to take better pictures. That’s a given. You may have come across EOS magazine in your search to learn more about photography, in particular photography with your Canon EOS camera. So how will EOS magazine help you in your quest for better images? After all, photography is about having the eye for a good image and framing your subject. So it doesn’t matter about the camera then?

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At EOS magazine we believe that understanding how your EOS camera works will make you better prepared to capture those sought-after images. In every issue of the magazine we look at the technology and functionality of the EOS system, whilst explaining the fundamental principles of photography. This is how we learn – we examine an element of EOS cameras, investigate how it works and experiment with the settings to give us the best results. By doing this, and sharing the results with you, the magazine will give you the information you need to be one step closer to taking better pictures. But that’s not all we do. We also gather together information from around the world, reporting on ground-breaking uses of Canon DSLRs, featuring interesting projects shot with EOS cameras and showcasing some of the most inspiring photos taken with EOS equipment. Every new Canon product launch for the EOS range is covered in the magazine, with an in-depth look at the features, technologies and advances in imaging. You may not have heard about EOS magazine before you came across the website. And it’s not on the shelves of your local bookstore or newsagent. So how do you know whether EOS magazine is right for you? This magazine sampler has been put together from several recent issues of EOS magazine. It will give you a taste of the usual content and articles of the magazine. You will also see that the technique articles, which start on page 18, are written specifically for the EOS system. So long as you own an EOS camera and are serious about developing your photography, we believe that EOS magazine will give you all the information you need to master your camera. Enjoy this mini edition of EOS magazine and we look forward to welcoming you as a subscriber. There’s a fantastic subscription offer at the back of the sampler when you’re ready to join us. Better pictures are within your reach.

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