Baby in Wool

It is well worth choosing a swaddling cloth made of a breathable natural fibre to prevent sweating. A swaddled baby should be put to bed on his or her side, alternating between the two sides. Use a light, breathable blanket. Newborns can be swaddled around the clock, while older babies can be swaddled for breastfeeding and sleep. Several studies show that a swaddled baby is more easily soothed and sleeps better and for longer.



Now set the baby’s other hand on its chest.

Lift the left edge of the swaddle cloth over baby’s left shoulder diagonally towards the lower right-hand edge.



Take the cloth’s right edge to the backside and thread the last corner into the previous fold.

Correctly swaddled baby is a brisk package. Swaddle cloth provides the baby with a womb-like peaceful sense.

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