Baby in Wool

A silk body and bonnet containing the Reconnecting Nature® extract.

Immunity is created in contact with others In recent years, increasing attention has been paid to good immunity, which is built in large part during the first weeks and months of a baby’s life. It can be difficult to have enough contact with nature and the microbial flora that builds immunity, in an urban environment. Studies show that exposure to rich biodiversity is connected to lower levels of autoimmune diseases such as allergy, asthma and type 1 diabetes. Good sources of microbial flora are the baby’s own mother during pregnancy and birth, and skin contact with family once the baby is born. Immunity can also be strengthened with clothes. The Reconnecting Nature® extract contains natural microbes found in forests. It is a Finnish innovation developed based on the ADELE research project carried out at universities. Studies showed that when the microbe extract, created by the Finnish company Uute Scientific, is in direct contact with the skin, it helps to support the body’s own microbial flora. We are the first in the world to introduce silk wool bodies and bonnets containing this wonderful extract to the markets. The best effects are achieved by using the products as much as possible and for long periods.

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