Baby in Wool

A woollen outdoor set

Dress babies in sufficient clothing Babies who spend a lot of time lying down and crawling on the floor are more exposed to cold than adults or older children. If a baby is wearing breathable natural fibres, it is luckily very hard to overdress them. When outside, an easy way to check whether a baby has enough clothes on is by checking the neck: it should feel warm, but not sweaty. Natural fibres feels pleasant against the skin and provides the baby with even warmth and moisture protection. The most popular material for baby clothing is cotton, which is considered to be hygienic as it can be washed at high temperatures. But it is a rather cold fibre and doesn’t necessarily provide sufficient warmth on its own. Therefore, in addition to this, it is worth favoring other fibers, such as merino wool. It is incredibly smooth, it can be used directly against the skin and it provides comfortable warmth due to its curly structure. In the late autumn, winter, and early spring, wool is the best option when dressing babies. Other times of the year silk and silk wool against the skin provide a soft and warm baselayer. In the summer heat, babies feel comfortable dressed only in silk or silk wool. Head, fingers and toes, which can easily get cold is important to protect with sufficiently thick socks, fold over sleeves, and bonnets to keep the whole body wonderfully warm.

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