Baby in Wool

Fleece overalls and a woollen balaclava

No need for Goretex in the pram New parents often spend lots of time thinking about what baby clothing and equipment to buy. With regard to the wellbeing of the environment and the parents’ bank balance, it is worth taking a step back. At the beginning you need very little and plenty can be acquired along the way. If you do choose to buy new, favour products that are durable and recyclable. No single choice is likely to cause long-term harm to the baby, even if contradictory advice and guidance may feel that way. For example, there is no need for a separate waterproof or windproof layer for babies in prams, so parents only need to buy such clothing around the baby’s first birthday. One lovely way to keep a baby warm outdoors is by dressing them in fleece overalls made from 100% organic merino wool. In cool weather, overalls with fold over sleeves and legs, and later on mittens and booties made from the same material, are worn over other woollen layers. This organic merino wool fleece contains no plastic and is so breathable that it can be used almost year-round, for example in a car seat when heading out to run errands.

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