Baby in Wool

Body suit, underwear and socks made from merino wool, and a sleeping sheep toy

Support the wellbeing of your baby’s skin Skin is baby’s largest and most important sensory organ. After birth, it communicates important information, such as temperature, pressure, touch, and pain from the world outside of the womb. The baby’s first fully functional sense is touch and the emotional language recognised by babies is created through touching. Skin contact and warmth create a feeling of calm and wellbeing for the baby. That is why safe contact inside a parent’s shirt wearing just a nappy, and stroking whenever possible, are vital for babies. Whatever you put against a baby’s skin contributes heavily towards the development of the baby’s sense of security. A baby’s skin is also very thin, just a fraction of the thickness of an adult’s skin, and the bidirectional pumps in the pores of the skin secrete sweat and absorb particles on the skin into the body. Increased skin irritation is surprisingly often caused by various chemicals against the skin, such as strong detergents or lotions. Always choose unscented, clean, and organic alternatives where possible. Dressing a baby in responsibly produced clothes also gives parents peace of mind. Investing in classic and high-quality baby clothing is also sensible from a financial standpoint. Their price in relation to their durability is ultimately rather affordable, as they can be passed down to younger siblings and cousins. They also have a good resale value if you think about selling them.

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