Baby in Wool

A sleeveless sleep sack, fleece baby blanket, and sand-coloured woollen shirt for women

A sleep sack reduces restlessness Sometimes babies just will not sleep. The most common reasons for disrupted sleep are stomach complaints, colds, growth spurts or teething. Especially with babies who are learning to move around, nights can be rather action packed. Parents should remain calm when possible as there is no need to react to every little noise or sound. One of the long-used natural methods for quieter nights and longer sleep is to use a sleep sack made from natural fibre. In a sleep sack, the baby does not wake up to getting cold caused by a shifted blanket. Sleep sacks are also good for co-sleeping. Another reason to encourage good sleep for your baby is because rest is one of the most important ways for the mother to recover from pregnancy and birth. Make use of your partner’s, grandparents’ or other family friends’ time and resources if possible. Merino wool warmers can be used to help alleviate various cramps in the pelvic area and stiff shoulders from breastfeeding.

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