Baby in Wool

Short nappy pants, silk body, silk bonnet, short sleeved unisex silk wool shirt and wool blanket and pillow

Reusable nappies grow with your baby During their first day, baby will usually wet one nappy. On the second, they will wet two, and so on. From around one week old, baby will wet at least 5-6 nappies per day. Babies under six weeks should also poop every day. Breathable, reusable nappies are an affordable and eco-friendly way to care for your baby. Natural fibres do not smother baby’s bottom and reusable nappies do not contain any fragrances or other allergenic materials. There is also some indications that babies and toddlers who use reusable nappies become potty-trained more quickly than babies who use disposable nappies. Above all, everyday logistics and the family’s own values dictate which kind of nappies to use. Nor does the choice have to be an absolute either-or-setup. Disposable nappies for one child can easily produce up to 1,500kg of poorly degradable plastic waste. By using reusable nappies during the day, and by choosing the most eco friendly disposable nappies for night time, you can easily halve this amount. Ruskovilla’s organic merino wool cloth nappies have superior absorption and have been a firm favourite since 1981. They are designed to grow with your baby from a newborn to toddler.

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