Baby in Wool

Simple: just wool and cotton

At couple of months old, dirty nappies no longer reliably indicate whether the baby is getting enough nutrition. Older babies may pee less frequently but in larger quantities. Older babies also poop very individually: some may go many times per day while others might only poop once a week. Reusable nappies have two parts: an absorbent inner layer and a moisture-proof outer layer. A cotton nappy cloth is placed against the baby’s bottom; instructions on how to fold the cloth are given on the next double-page spread. Next, a flannel or woollen middle nappy is used to increase absorption and aid longer sleep for newborns. Older babies always need a middle nappy. The same nappy clothes and middle nappies can be used from newborn to toddler. You can also dress the baby in cotton pants to keep the nappy in place. The outermost layer is breathable merino wool, which binds in moisture and neutralises unpleasant odors. Nappy pants are available with short or long legs and sit nice and high to keep the baby’s developing organs warm.

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