Baby in Wool

The cover features a silk wool newborn set and a women’s silk short-sleeved shirt and underwear < The picture shows a swaddling cloth and children’s sleeveless silk wool shirt

Warmth and closeness are the best you can offer to your baby As you are reading this text, you are most likely either expecting a baby or are already a parent or grandparent. You are also interested in offering your baby the best start to life by choosing pure, natural fibres that support your baby’s development. Congratulations! We have collected all the experience and know-how accumulated here at Ruskovilla over the past 40 years on natural and gentle baby care into this Baby in Wool guide. For us, it means settling down into an unhurried existence when you strive to do things simply and harmoniously. The focus is on the close interaction between you and the baby, and the aim is to live in balance with our natural surroundings.

Wishing you warmth and love for your life-long journey!

From all of us at Ruskovilla

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