Baby in Wool

Wash and care of cloth nappies is surprisingly easy

Cloth nappies: 1. Before washing, store dirty cotton nappies separately from other laundry in a plastic bucket with a lid, filled halfway with cold water. To prevent odors and bacteria, add a dash of vinegar or a few drops of antibacterial tea tree oil. 2. Open wet nappies before putting them in the bucket, and wash nappies with poop in them using a hand-held shower. You can compost the rice paper which helps to remove the poop, or put it in the biowaste. 3. Cloth nappies and cotton pants can be washed at 60°. Put them in an 80-90° program every third wash. You can pre-wash nappies that have poo in them on a pre-wash program. 4. Don not use fabric conditioner as it may irritate the baby’s skin. The nappies can be dried in the tumble dryer, but a machine load of nappies can also fit on a single clothes horse. 5. Whenever you empty the bucket of nappies, wash out the bucket using a cleaning agent and hot water. Woolen nappy pants: 1. Stain-free woolen pants can be washed a couple of times a month, and they can be aired to remove the smell of pee. 2. Poop stains should be dealth with using stain detergent immediately and then the pants are washed by hand in warm water by gently squeezing using a wool detergent or olive oil soap. 3. After thorough washing, squeeze the pants between terry towels and lay flat to dry in a well-ventilated area well away from radiators. 4. To maintain absorption and softness, treat the woollen pants with Sonett wool care. Instructions: Dissolve 1-2 tbsp of wool care into a dash of hot water. Add lukewarm water in the container until you have one litre. Place damp, clean woollen pants into the mixture, swirl them around, and then carefully squeeze them. After treatment, dry the pants as discribed above.

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