Baby in Wool


Sheep wool fleeces • Air and shake outdoors weekly. • Brush now and then, so that wool fibers remain elastic. Use a coarse steel comb or brush. • Stains can be rinsed away under running water. • If washing of the entire fleece is necessary, it can be machine-washed with a wool-wash program (30°C) and with Sonett washing liquid. Light spin. • You can stretch the fleece into shape after wash. • Hang the fleece to dry from two edges, preferably outdoors. • Do not hang close to a heat source or in direct sunlight. • As the fleeces hair is wool, it slightly curls when washed. • When the cotton cover needs washing, open the fastener and shake the husks out into a suitable container. • Wash the cover in a washing machine (40-60°C). • Refill the clean cover with the husks. • The husks do not need washing as they do not gather moisture or odors. • Old dirty husks can be disposed as biowaste. • You can acquire new husks from Ruskovilla. Millet husk pillow • Use covered with a pillow case.

Care instructions are always marked also on the Ruskovilla products and/or packages.

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