Baby in Wool

Middle layers Organic Merino Wool Overall, off-white 50, 60, 70 ja 80 cm

Organic Wool Fleece First mittens 0-1 yr Booties 0-1 yr Overall with hood 50/60 ja 70/80

Overall, red 60 ja 70 cm Overall, green 60 ja 70 cm Balaclava bonnet 2 sizes First mittens without thumb Socks 3 sizes

Bedding Organic Merino Wool Sleeping sack without sleeves 0–1 v

Organic Cotton

Swaddle cloth 80 x 120 cm

For Baby Care

Sleeping sack with sleeves 50, 70 ja 90 cm Baby blanket 70 x 90 cm

Baby blanket wool fleece Baby blanket merino wool Millet husk pillow

Sheepskin rug white Sheepskin rug honey

Cloth nappy accessories Organic Merino Wool Long nappy pants 4 sizes Short nappy pants 60 ja 80 cm Woollen middle nappy 12 x 32 cm

Organic Cotton

Cotton nappy 85 x 85 cm Flannel middle nappy 40 x 40 cm Rice paper Diaper fastener

For Mothers Organic Merino Wool Nursing shirt

Organic Merino Wool and Silk Breast warmers Organic Cotton Nursing pads

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