Baby in Wool

A silk bonnet, silk body, and a large soft toy rabbit

Protecting the head is important Is there anything more intoxicating than the smell of a newborn baby? Contact with another person’s warm skin is important intimacy for a baby, and it should be offered as much as possible. In addition to baby’s parents, grandparents and siblings are all important caregivers and can provide that much-needed intimacy too. At first, you should trust in your own way of parenting, and occasionally go against common norms and advice if it feels right for you and your child. With a newborn and even older baby you can, in good conscience, stay in the baby bubble and enjoy a calm, low-stimulus environment in peace. This way it is also easier to stop and enjoy the company of a happy baby, and to strengthen your unique bond. It is always good to keep the baby warm: if all baby’s energy goes towards keeping warm, none will be left for growth and development. Most heat leaves the body through the baby’s relatively large head, so various woollen bonnets and caps are more than just cute accessories. A bonnet also protects the baby’s fontanel, which is still open. If a bonnet reaches down to cover baby’s ears, it also reduces some of the noise from the surrounding environment, which soothes and calms the baby. Our luxurious, hand-made silk bonnets with subtle decorative patterns gently and soothingly massage baby’s head. Headwear made from natural fibres is breathable and never feels too hot.

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