Baby in Wool

A nursing top, sand coloured short-sleeved nappy pants and a woollen body

Milk helps babies grow

For the first few months, milk is the driving force behind baby’s growth and development. Every baby grows and develops at their own pace, but some average growth figures for the first year can be found in a table on page 34. Regardless of the method, baby’s mealtime is much more than just feeding: it is an opportunity to create a bond through eye contact and soothing touch. Skin contact lowers baby’s blood pressure, reduces post-birth stress and increases oxytocin levels. Feeding is usually easier when the baby is rested and relaxed. Weight gain and alertness indicate that the baby is getting enough nutrition. A newborn baby feeds around 8-12 times per day. After the first few days, breastfeeding should no longer hurt, so consult a specialist if you still feel pain while breastfeeding. Nowadays there are lots of tops for nursing mothers. It is essential to choose a top that is both practical and comfortable. It is also important for the top to be easy to clean. Woollen chest warmers worn under the clothes are a great way to ward off chest infections during winter months, as are Ruskovilla’s nursing tops, which have a double layer of wool to protect the chest. Choosing washable and reusable nursing pads is good for the environment. When choosing and using reusable products, remember that the hazardous chemicals in textiles, cosmetics and detergents, such as dyes and finishing agents, can easily end up in baby’s mouth.

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