64 Coal

About the Author Steve Parker is an author and editor of children’s non-fiction books and websites, chiefly in the areas of nature and the biological sciences. He has written more than 100 titles about the natural world, animals and plants, ecology, conservation, rocks and fossils, mineral wealth, and Earth’s varied and valuable resources— and how human activities are affecting them, both historically and into the future. Steve’s recent works include the Animal Diaries series (QED, London) about how our exploitation of land, water, air and the general environment affects the daily lives of creatures as diverse as a garden spider, lion, penguin, golden eagle and shark. Clockwise from left: iStock.com/jferrer; Dollar Photo Club/Olesksiy Mark; iStock.com/Philip_hens; Dollar Photo Club/bibi; Library of Congress; iStock.com/TjunctionMedia; iStock.com/TomasSereda. Interior Dollar Photo Club: 11 Pedro Bigeriego; 22 John Casey; 36 Maxisport; 47 Alexander. Environmental Protection Agency: 52. iStock.com: 10 Maks08; 12 dbaer1970; 14 Adam88xx; 15 EmilyNorton; 19 indykb; 24 InStock; 26 Jacek_Sopotnicki; 29 kurmis; 30 IngaNielsen; 34 scanrail; 42 Miklav; 50 hsvrs; 54 EdStock. Library of Congress: 39 Underwood & Underwood; 40 Bain News Service. Wikimedia Commons: 20 Dvortygirl; 32 Murr Rhame; 49 Peter Dowley. Photo Credits Cover

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